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Baby Equipment Rental DestinWelcome to the Baby’s Away Baby Equipment Rental Destin webpage! We rent Cribs, High Chairs, Strollers, Car Seats, Toys & much more.


Toll-Free Number: (888) 281-9030
Local Phone Number: (850) 420-3110

Welcome to the Baby’s Away Destin webpage!

It’s going to be a great year guys. As we move into high gear, let’s all remember our fellow men/women out there. Our sugar sand white beaches are a beacon that call out to us, one and all. We will take care of the comfort, safety and entertainment of your little one/s. You will feel and hear the squeaky sand between your toes and the suns kiss before you know it. Vacation time is after all a time to slow down, unwind, reflect, relax and above all else BREATHE AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

This is Jimmy checking in with everyone to let you guys know that I have brought in Jennifer to take over the position of the management of the day to day operations. I will remain in the background to be sure that it is a smooth transition. I will remain in the field dutifully cleaning, inspecting, repairing, disinfecting and delivering your gear in top notch shape for as long as I can still get up the mountains of stairs required. Please have some patience with us as you guys all know how absolutely crazy it is here during the season and Jenn is the new kid I am throwing straight into the fire. She is smarter, stronger and more business minded than even myself.

As everybody that already knows us here understands, we provide a top tier service that is not driven by money. Our business goal here is quite simple: providing comfort and safety of our visiting little ones. We trust in this goal and for our bottom line to take care of itself, which it does somehow despite the fact of our unorthodox way of providing extras, automatically installing a bumper pad in cases where it seems it has just been overlooked, providing books and a few toys if there is heavy rain coming in and even meeting you guys at the airport with car seats all for no additional fees. We even get up through the night to deliver sleeping items for no additional expense. (DO NOT WAKE US FOR A HIGH CHAIR)!!!!!!LOL

Please be sure that your EMAIL ADDRESS on your order form is absolutely CORRECT as our system will not warn us of a failed attempt to send out an email for confirmation. If you have not received the email within 36 hours, call us directly at 850-420-3110 and we can confirm your order and email address. My general times of sending out these emails is from between 4-6 AM CST and 8-11 PM CST. I do not allow access to our closed back end admin site to anyone on earth for security reasons and will not access them on any non encrypted devices-PERIOD.

If you are staying at an Airbnb or VRBO, please inform whoever you rented through that we will be contacting them for access to the property. Including their name and number on the order form is also very helpful. If we are not granted access, we will do our very best to catch housekeeping staff on site. However,  if nobody is around, we will leave your gear on site in a secure location.

As a side note, all of our safety gates are pressure mounted and should never, ever be used at the tops of stairs. If you rent a walker from us here, please do not place it anywhere inside the home above the first floor for safety reasons.

Other Information

We carry only up to date, approved products to ensure the safety of your little ones.  Brands we carry include Graco, Britax, Safety First, Evenflo, Baby Einstein and other names that we all know and trust. We are on the CPSC automatic mailing list to insure fast, accurate recall notices.

While others claim to be the largest baby rental supply companies in Florida, Baby’s Away is in over 90 locations throughout the United States. We know exactly what we are doing. We carry only baby related items and a few things for the thing that brings you here, OUR BEACHES!

For you smartphone users, feel free to scroll down to our contact form and send us an email. Or just keep scrolling on down some more to our reservation/order form. We are also available 24 hours a day at 1-850-420-3110 or toll free at 1-888-281-9030 for you late arrivals. We do sleep sometimes so feel free to call back to back to back and someone will get up to assist you. Please limit your needs after 10 pm for your little ones sleepy head needs as we work extreme hours here and have sleepy head needs of our own! For those of you that made it this far, we also deliver groceries and anything else you may need (up to $300.00. No rare items without approval. Overages must also be approved). Just let us know once we send out your contact email. This service is reserved for our clients with confirmed orders only and is not available to the general public.

Reservations/Prices - Baby's Away Destin, FL

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There is a minimum rental amount of $50.00. There will be an additional $10.00 fee per order to assist in the cost of fuel. This will show up as a delivery fee. Cribs will come equipped with a 5" thick mattress, mattress pad and fitted sheet. All Pack-n-Plays will come with a fitted sheet.

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You can cancel an order at anytime up to 48 hours prior to the arrival date. Any cancellation within 48 hours of the arrival date is subject to a $25 cancellation fee. If we do not receive a cancellation prior to delivery we will charge you for the delivery fee plus the $25 late cancellation fee.

We make our process simple. Hover over the name of an item to see its description(on mobile touch item name to see details). Select the quantity of items needed and Fill in the Reservation Form below.

Product Name Daily Price Weekly Price Quantity

Cribs and Sleeping Items

Soothing Motions Seat $ 8.00 $ 48.00
Crib - Full Size Wooden $ 10.83 $ 65.00
Crib Bumper Pads $ 2.00 $ 10.00
Pack-n-Play $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Toddler Bed $ 11.50 $ 69.00
Fold Away Guest Bed $ 10.00 $ 60.00
Bed rail - 2 $ 3.33 $ 20.00


High Chair $ 5.00 $ 30.00
High Chair - Premium $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Booster Seat w/Tray $ 4.16 $ 25.00

Car Seats

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat $ 9.00 $ 54.00
Convertible Car Seat - Britax Marathon $ 10.50 $ 63.00
BOB Single Car Seat Adapter $ 3.00 $ 18.00
BOB Duallie Car Seat Adapter $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Booster Seat - No Back $ 5.00 $ 30.00
Booster Car Seat - High Back $ 7.00 $ 35.00


Stroller - Full Size $ 6.00 $ 36.00
Stroller - Tandem/Twin $ 9.00 $ 54.00
Jogging Stroller - Single $ 7.50 $ 45.00
Jogging Stroller - Double $ 9.17 $ 55.00
Jogging Stroller - BOB Single $ 9.17 $ 55.02
Jogging Stroller - BOB Double $ 10.50 $ 63.00
Britax Travel System - Single $ 12.50 $ 75.00
Britax Travel System - Double $ 17.00 $ 102.00
Britax Bob Travel System Single $ 15.00 $ 90.00

Play Time

Swing - side/side, front/back $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Tub of Toys - Indoor $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Jumperoo $ 6.00 $ 36.00
Deluxe Bouncy Seat $ 5.00 $ 30.00
Toddler Ride On Toy $ 4.00 $ 24.00
Activity/Play Gym $ 5.00 $ 30.00
Activity Table - Baby Einstein $ 4.00 $ 24.00
Exersaucer - Deluxe $ 6.00 $ 36.00
Pop N Play Portable Playard $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Bouncy Seat $ 3.33 $ 20.00
Wagon - Deluxe $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Bright Starts 2-In-1 Silly Sunburst Activity Gym & Saucer $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Baby Einstein Ocean Explorer Walker $ 6.00 $ 36.00
Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Step 'N Play Piano $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Wagon $ 5.00 $ 30.00

Beach items

Beach Toys $ 4.00 $ 24.00
Beach Cart $ 6.00 $ 36.00
Shade Tent $ 9.00 $ 56.00
Monster Beach Wagon $ 14.00 $ 84.00
Beach Blanket $ 2.00 $ 12.00
Beach Umbrella $ 4.50 $ 27.00
Beach Wagon $ 10.00 $ 60.00
Beach Chair - For Kids $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Gate Yard $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket $ 2.00 $ 12.00
Beach Chair $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Wheeled Cooler $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Beach Towel $ 2.00 $ 12.00
Boogie Board $ 6.00 $ 36.00
Swimways Baby Spring Float with Canopy $ 3.00 $ 18.00


Potty Seat $ 3.33 $ 20.00
Changing Pad $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Box Fan $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Security Gate - Extended $ 4.00 $ 24.00
Security Gate $ 4.00 $ 24.00
Air Compressor $ 2.50 $ 15.00
Humidifier $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Portable Sound Machine $ 3.00 $ 18.00
Video and Audio Baby Monitor $ 7.00 $ 42.00
Infant Bath Tub $ 4.00 $ 24.00
Glider $ 7.00 $ 42.00

Billing Information

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Delivery Information

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